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The challenge

If you are a time-based business you need to be confident that you can track and control time spent on your projects effectively. All chargeable time and associated project expenses need to be captured so you have the data to help you manage project profitability and identify when it is at risk.

It is a common problem that when staff leave time recording to the end of the day or even later the accuracy of data suffers. In order to account for all the hours in their day staff tend to allocate more time to administration or non-billable time which affects profitability.

Timely, complete and accurate data
The ‘familiar’ look and feel of Coretime is designed to encourage usage throughout the day so that timesheets are routinely updated. All types of time such as holidays, sickness and business development time can be recorded so you always have the full picture. Quick and easy data entry allows staff to spend more time on billable activities, plus the ability to do this on the move through the Coretime App means fewer excuses for non-submissions.

Productivity measures
Coretime automatically calculates productivity measures based on the ratio of billable and non-billable hours. This gives staff a useful tool to monitor and maximise use of their time. Greater awareness of productivity leads to more billable hours being recorded.

Improved recovery rates

Coretime helps you identify ‘lost’ hours and costs which should be allocated to projects and chargeable. It also helps identify time and expenses which fall within the agreed budget and those which clearly do not.

Planning for profitability

Accurate project data allows you to plan future projects more effectively. Within Coretime you can use project templates to plan new projects and test out different scenarios to optimise profitability.

Fast return on investment
Our clients tell us that while getting rid of inefficient timesheet systems was the key driver in purchasing Coretime, the business benefits have been much more far-reaching. Increased visibility of project data has led to substantial cost-savings. As a result the return on investment is typically achieved within three to six months.

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