Sage CRM Dynamic Link with Sage Coretime

Systems which are integrated deliver valuable cost-savings and remove administrative burden. Within a large organisation the time and cost-savings achievable through system integration are always substantial. In small to medium sized businesses. the right software gives you greater visibility and control which allows you to increase efficiency and productivity.

Onesys are therefore delighted to announce the availability of a dynamic link between Sage Coretime and Sage’s award-winning Customer Relationship Management CRM system – Sage CRM.

This 2-way interface allows users to see Sage CRM information from within Sage Coretime and in the same way they can view Sage Coretime information from within Sage CRM. This affords users a 360 degree view of Project information and customer communications from whichever system they happen to be in.

What this also means is that Projects can be tracked from their very inception during the business development phase of their lifecycle right through to delivery and post-contract monitoring.

Your workflow could look something like this:

Sage CRM > Sage Coretime

  • A Lead is entered into Sage CRM and tracked through the Sales Opportunity Management functionality
  • When this becomes a confirmed contract, the Project (and Client, if required) is automatically created in Sage Coretime with details of fees etc. being passed through as well.
  • After this link has been established, all Communication records entered in Sage CRM are visible from within a custom tab in the Sage Coretime Project Review area.
  • Sage Coretime users can see the full history of all interactions with that Client/Project – what was discussed, by whom and when.
  • Users can also see future actions to ensure that the Project/Client is being monitored and serviced accordingly.
  • Documents and emails stored against a Project in the Sage CRM system can also be viewed from within Sage Coretime.

Sage Coretime > Sage CRM

Details of Project financial performance that is held in Sage Coretime can be accessed from within Sage CRM so when you are talking to a customer you can see all Project information in one place.

Sage Coretime information visible in Sage CRM includes:
  • Work In Progress
  • Invoiced to Date
  • Total Hours Worked
  • Last Time Entry
  • Fee Left to Complete

The functionality outlined above is available now as standard and can be easily installed in its current form but for clients looking for different fields to be visible in either system we can customise to meet your requirements.

For more information on Sage Coretime and Sage CRM working together using our dynamic link, please contact our sales team on 0845 026 2255

For more information on the other benefits that Sage CRM can bring to your business, please go to our dedicated Sage CRM webpage.

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