Solutions by Business Needs

Sage Coretime helps you to manage your project time and expenses. It’s a user friendly tool which makes recording time painless. Staff access one central system so avoiding the need for spreadsheet collation or other manual processes. Browser based software it is quick and easy to access and can be deployed online or on premise.
Sage Coretime helps improve visibility and productivity.It gives you data to manage your project profitability. It encourages staff to record time and expenses accurately and without delay which means more chargeable time and expenses are captured.
To deliver your projects on time, on budget and meet your profit objectives you need clear visibility of your resources at all times. Sage Coretime gives you quick and easy access to the information you need to manage projects successfully.
Invoicing within Sage Coretime is easy and removes duplication of effort. With its integrated Debtors Ledger, and Fee Forecasting facilities coupled with comprehensive reporting you are always able to track billing on your projects in real-time.
Sage Coretime allows you to track and analyse all costs of your jobs or services so you stay on schedule and on budget. Integrating with Sage Accounts and Payroll ensures speedy data retrieval and increased efficiency.
NEW Purchase Order functionality is now available from Onesys. It allows you to manage Purchase Orders within projects and track against budgets.
Tracking the financial progress of projects is vital. Sage Coretime gives you the visibility and control to manage budgets and accurate and timely data to ensure that you are able to quickly identify when budgets are at risk.
Sage Coretime allows you to view Work in Progress in an instant and control your invoicing schedule.
To ensure the smooth progress of any project a quick and easy method of assigning tasks to staff and reviewing progress is essential. The Sage Coretime Task Manager allows you to do exactly that.
An effective resource planning tool allows Managers to ensure they have the right staff available at the right time on their projects. Sage Coretime helps minimises risk on your projects by allowing Managers responsible for allocating staff to plan resources effectively and ensure projects run to plan.
Sage Coretime is supplied with a reporting suite of over 120 pre-defined reports designed to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of end users.