Timesheet software.

Sage Coretime is market leading timesheet software which allows your staff to enter online timesheets and expenses quickly and easily. Designed by Sage and supplied exclusively by Onesys in the UK, Sage Coretime timesheet software gives you a complete picture of timesheets and expense records delivered real time.

No more time-consuming collation of out of date and incomplete spreadsheets. With Sage Coretime time and attendance software you have real time data without the delays associated with manual systems. Sage Coretime is time and attendance software which gives you total control of time and budgets and gives you the information you need to manage your projects.

Timesheet software allows you to control and manage resources on your projects more effectively. It gives greater budgetary control. Clear visibility of your project resources allows you to take the decisions that help you maximise your resources and improve profitability.

Sage Coretime is used by a wide range of professional service companies across the UK including Architects, Engineering Consultants, Environmental, Charities, Business & Management, IT and Website Design, PR and many others. Staff can enter time records at any project level or stage including RIBA workstages and Sage Coretime allows projects to be set up in the way you do business.

Time and attendance software which improves productivity

As well as giving you greater visibility of projects, Sage Coretime time and attendance software allows employees to plan and manage their time effectively. Quick and easy to use, it has an intuitive interface which makes time entry painless. Using our timesheet software gives employees a clear picture of how their time is being spent which leads to greater productivity and proven cost-savings.

Online timesheets which improves recovery rates

The Sage Coretime time and attendance software allows all types of time to be logged including non-chargeable, overtime, sick days, time in lieu and holidays. Greater visibility of online timesheets improves time-management and reduces non-chargeable time, so improving recovery rates.

Online timesheets with approval routines

Built in approval routines give managers much greater control of online timesheets. Individual online timesheets can be retrieved in an instant allowing you to easily keep track of staff time. A highly visual overview of all online timesheets helps to highlight missing or incomplete timesheets and allows  managers to approve, control and review online timesheets in an instant.

Online timesheets available anyplace, anywhere

Online timesheets give your staff complete accessability so that you can ensure timesheet records are routinely completed. The browser-based online timesheet software allows your staff to enter time and expenses in the office, at home, off-site or at any office location in the world. Server and Saas based options are available.

Auditable timesheets which show accountability

For organisations planning research or already engaged in research funded by the EU Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), an effective means of monitoring the time spent on research activities is an essential requirement, as is efficient financial control of the available funds and resources allocated to a project. Sage Coretime is timesheet software which can be used to provide fully auditable timesheets and help organisations manage all aspects of EU funded research projects.

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Project management software

Sage Coretime is also a highly effective project management software tool. It gives you complete visibility of your projects enables you to control budgets and make decisions based on accurate, real-time project data.

Sage Coretime is the ideal solution for professional service companies. It has proven business benefits which go far beyond just removing administrative burden. It enables you to easily manage current projects, including resource scheduling, budgeting, tracking WIP, invoicing and evaluation. Proven benefits include improvements in productivity, recovery rates and profitability. Best of all, with its store of valuable project data held centrally for all to access it allows you to plan future projects more effectively so continually improving profitability.

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Sage Coretime version 3.2 released.
The latest version of Sage Coretime has been released. The new version 3.2 includes a number of product enhancements and updates. You can find out more at Sage Coretime v3.2
Dynamic link between Sage Coretime and Sage CRM
Onesys are delighted to announce the availability of a dynamic link between your Sage Coretime system and Sage’s award-winning Customer Relationship Management system – Sage CRM. This two way window from within Sage Coretime or Sage CRM delivers critical data in an instant without having to move from whichever application the user is already in. Find out more about the Sage Coretime Dynamic Link to Sage CRM >>
Charity increases efficiency with Sage Coretime
Leeds Advocacy have increased efficiency using Sage Coretime to manage timesheets and expenses within their charity. With fierce competition for funds they have found that embracing new technology has helped them compete.

Read Leeds Advocacy charity case study
Donaldson Associates selects Sage Coretime for over 100 staff within their Engineering Consultancy.

We are delighted that Donaldson Associates have chosen Sage Coretime to help them track project time and expenses accurately and provide real-time reporting to the business on the status of their projects. Over 100 users across 6 sites will be using Sage Coretime within this Engineering Consultancy whose expertise spans civil, structural and geotechnical engineering.

Sage Coretime now installed in Shanghai!
The recent installation of Sage Coretime for SPARK Architects once again demonstrated the strength of the Coretime product in the marketplace. Spark is an award-winning international architectural and design consultancy with offices in Beijing, London, Shanghai and Singapore. They recently chose Sage Coretime as their preferred solution for managing timesheets and budgets on their projects.
We are helping...
Severn Partnership
VVB Engineering Services
KDC Group
Cool Blue
Spark Architects
CSa Environmental
Seven Architecture

“Now Coretime is part of the business culture, we realise more and more what a valuable tool we have at our disposal. We now have a wealth of data in Coretime which not only provides us with valuable management information to help us with our day to day job but also gives us business intelligence which we can use for forward planning.”

Simon Parker, Partner
Seven Architecture

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